Paths Of War

Session 1:
Can it get any better then this?

After saving the town of Winterhaven the adventurers have been relaxing in the Boar’s Tusk Tavern basking in the adulation of the townspeople. It has been a month since the portal to the Shadowfell has been closed. As Hamil concludes a rousing tale…

Hamil Skullsmasher(boisterously): … she came up to me and I said “Rectum, damn near killed him!”
Yassif: guffaws
Aramil: grimaces
Matias: puts his hands on his face and sighs
Thymm: silently sits in the shadows… waiting. For what no one knows.

The Tavern Door slams open and a boy on the cusp of manhood rushes in brushing dust off his lapel. He is wearing what looks like a pages outfit and has seen at least a weeks worth of hard riding.

Page: “Here ye here ye, war is upon us. All able bodied persons who can wield a sword are requested to join the peoples of the Elisir Vale in defending our region from the Orcish Horde. We ask you of hardy stock to make haste to the town of Overlook whereas you will receive further instruction from the Council of Elders. Godspeed and good luck.”

As the page leaves the adventurers look at one another and gasp, “Not Again!”.

After a weeks travel the heroes make it to the town of overlook with little incident. A day out they found what looked like a small skirmish between some Orcs and Humans. From the intel that was gathered it looked like the Orcs were lying in wait for pages and advance scouting parties to stop the spread of the request of aid.

Making it through the outskirts of town skirting all the refuse, bloated corpses and general filth of what is know as Shantytown the heroes have set up shop in Mountain’s Hearth Inn. The adventurers met and got acquainted with a similar band of Adventurers called the Freeriders.

If only the adventurers knew what was in store for them in the coming days…


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